A Wavy Week

The week was wavy! I wonder what you do to calm the waters.

Plumbing issues in an old (loved) home are like having OJ after brushing your teeth. The week started with this unwelcome combination.  Then, work related events contributed to continuing waves.

A set of skilled plumbers (it took three men to finally get one who was slim enough to fit through the crawl space) sensed my plumbing panic when I learned the water had been gushing under the house for at least three days, and went right to work.  Fixed now!

Work incidents always smooth out, and I remind myself I don’t have to be a perfectionist or be so hard on myself.

Through this wavy week, I watched myself assuage my soul. It sort of felt like I was outside looking in, like a lab rat being observed by the white coated scientist.  I put my perspective in check. I reminded myself I don’t have to look far to see people who have suffered devastation with the wild fires. Our hearts go out to them. I ate a bag of Cheetos (just the individual serving sized bag… uuggh they were delicious!) and helped them down with a cold cider (this reminds me of my Irish vacation-always a mood booster). The most beneficial and soul satisfying events:  a longish run with dear friends, a bike ride in the park, scrolling through photos of scenic Scotland (dreaming of another vacation), and purchasing tickets for an upcoming show at our local performing arts theater.

I wished to report the most effective self-soothing methods didn’t cost a dime, and I was able to report this fact, until tonight. But, no regrets as an evening at the Gallo Center is always lovely! A high five that I kept the calories mostly in check, except cheesy puffs and a cider. It could have been worse. It wasn’t a perfect recipe for overcoming wave-filled days, although it could have been worse!

Another week is here, and I’m focused again on the positives. I’m refocused and ready! The Cheetos are gone!

What types of activities help you refocus after wavy days?


2 thoughts on “A Wavy Week

  1. My wavy day fix is chocolate. My problem is I only have 5 flakes left to get me through the rest of the year. Luckily for me I only like the English chocolate or I would be eating it like crazy. Instead i like to shift the focus from the waves that are crashing and look at those that are just tickling the shore. They are playing with the sand and telling the sand that it is OK. Those spectacular, crashing waves are just for show and they come and go. The gentle caressing of the sand at the shore is constant and it is in the constancy of gentle waves we can find joy in our lives.Look for the constants in your life, reach out your hand and feel the caress it will bring.


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