The case of the returning book

Our Little Free Library is a happy small place, where neighbors share books. Books come and go. Some books stay a while, others not even an hour. Some books come back, and most don’t. The variety is ever-changing.

As keeper of the books lately I’ve noticed one particular book coming back to our library often; this is quite unusual, and a bit of a mystery.  Perhaps I noted the activity of this book because numerous people have recommended it, a New York Times Best seller, to me, and I’ve always politely refused because I don’t read sad animal stories. No, I do not! I just can’t.

Today while curating books in our library, a gentleman parked his white truck, left the engine running, and walked over quickly with just one book to drop off. It’s the book. The one that continues to show up again and again. Dave, a neighbor, who I met just today for the first time, explained, “It’s one of my favorite books. The ending is fabulous, and worth rereading.”

After introducing ourselves, I learned Dave loves this book so much that he orders it frequently from Amazon and continues to place a copy in our library –  because he wants everybody to read it. Mystery solved. It’s not the same book that comes back. It’s Dave, buying the book, over and over again, to give more people the opportunity to love it as he does.

I gave up my staunch opposition to reading a sad animal story. I took it from Dave. I will read it. If he loves it enough to continuously order copies from Amazon to place in our Little Library to share with others, how can I not?

Dave’s book recommendation is The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Have you read it? If so, let me know, but please don’t give away the ending.


If you need a copy of The Art of Racing in the Rain, give me a few days. I will put it back in our little library when I’m finished. Then, let’s talk about the ending!




7 thoughts on “The case of the returning book

  1. There is a reason that book keeps reappearing. It is magical, like A-Dog’s Purpose “

    If you’ve ever loved a dog, this story will speak to you.

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    1. I have loved a dog, Frisco, our beagle for 13 years who left me heartbroken when he journeyed to rainbow bridge. I stay far away from sad stories like this one, but I know they can be happy/sad/happy. I’m going to start The Art of Racing in the Rain tonight.


  2. I have just now finished the book. Beautiful story. I’ll love Enzo forever. As much as I resisted, I’m glad Dave showed up with yet another copy for our Little Library. The first two pages tore my heart out; after that, Enzo continued to call to me until I finished. My favorite line from this book (and it won’t give anything away) is, “The race is long. It is better to drive within oneself and finish the race behind the others than it is to drive too hard and crash.”


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