C’ead Mile FailteA hundred thousand welcomes to Sunshine with Waves.
Realizing the importance of health (mind, body, and soul), here I document some of my thoughts, successes, attempts at success, gratitudes, and everyday situations that tug at my heart in some way. Each day is another chance to make positive changes.  This isn’t about outward beauty or cute jeans purchased in a smaller size. Albeit, I enjoy make-up tips and a new pair of jeans. It’s about finally understanding that being well is more. It’s about having enough energy to get through a busy day, keeping up with sixty of my active sometimes rambunctious sixth graders, and traveling when long walks and steep stair ways are involved. It’s about restorative days, weeks, and sometimes only minutes.

Clearly, I’m not an expert. But, I have experienced success along the way. I have also disappointed myself with some poor choices too. These posts express only my personal thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. In some way, I hope you’ll find comfort and a connection here.

Small steps. Some days are filled with warm sunshine and other days it may feel like you’re the one being pounded with harsh strong waves.  Each day is a new opportunity to bask in the warmth of the sun.

By day, I teach. By choice, I’m a marathon coach. Reading, writing, music, and travel are passions. A current goal I have is to obtain passport stamps as experiences and stories to tell outweigh things, every time!

Slainte! (Cheers as they say in Ireland-my 1st passport stamp)


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