Gifts just because…

Just because….

you mean the world to me

it has your name written all over it

I’m so thrilled I found something I KNOW you’ll love

you support me

I love you

you’d never get it for yourself

it made me think of you

You know what it’s like to find the perfect gift for somebody? Filled with excitement, you just can’t wait to give it! You may give it early, just because you cannot wait one more day. You also know that if you’re looking for the perfect gift, you’ll never find it right when you need it. Furthermore, you know that trying to find the perfect gift at the perfect time can lead to disappointment. You sometimes settle just so you’ll have something, anything to put in that gift bag. Buying the gift bag – that’s the easiest part.

A number of years ago, several of my friends (and a few family members) made a loving pact: No gift giving on birthdays. Difficult for some, nevertheless we all agreed. But, you know what? It’s a relief not to do the frenzied walk up and down aisles or a wild, late night internet search with a deadline looming.  Side note: Those late nights on the internet lead to midnight snacking, and for me, that means devouring an excess amount of chocolate laced with peanut butter.

I’d never suggest we stop giving gifts. To remove the joy we feel when giving isn’t the point! How about giving up the pressure for a specific gift giving event and give “just because” gifts?

IMG_3900Here are a few just because gifts I’ve received that continue to brighten my day!

Let us also remember many “gifts” aren’t tangible. Thinking of you texts or even better a phone call, spending unhurried time together, a handwritten letter, assuming a friend’s recess duty (teachers you know this one!) all qualify as some of the most kind and thoughtful gifts.

I’m not sure how this will work in your world with your friends and family and for what types of events you’re willing to forgo traditional gift giving, but just thought I’d throw the idea out there.

Slainte! Susan

Just wondering…1) Do you give just because gifts? 2) What are some intangible gifts you enjoy giving?

Something new I’m loving… Touchnote post cards. Download the app. All via your phone, send a postcard with any picture you’ve taken, include a message and your recipient’s address. Addresses are saved for later use. Done. While it’s not handwritten, it’s super simple to send and oh-so fun to receive. Cost is $2 per postcard (when you put $10 on an account).  The final product is high quality and arrives to your recipient in about 5 days. Check it out here!!


One thought on “Gifts just because…

  1. Being a person who loves to give, I enjoy finding something special for a friend during the year. Still like to give birthday gifts though even though SOME friends put a stop to it! Bah Humbug, I say!


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