Sunshine in the (real) mailbox

You know those deceiving pieces of U.S mail that appear to be personally handwritten, with your name and address, specifically addressed to you, like from a friend? But soon, you realize it’s another piece of junk mail to be added to your overflowing recycling bin.

Last week, I thought it was one of those. On second glance, it wasn’t. It was an authentic envelope addressed by a friend. Opening it rather quickly, I found a handwritten letter. It was a letter, a real letter, lengthy too. Frankly, at first I just skimmed the letter noting the quantity of words on the pages. What a delight to be updated on my friend’s happenings-the old-fashioned way! My first inclination was to text her, thanking her for taking such time to actually write a real letter, but that would take away from the kind gesture as well as the sentiments expressed. No, a text message wasn’t appropriate.

So, I wrote back, by hand too. Fresh out of beautiful stationery, or any for that matter, I was going to wait to reply. I considered me, and how sometimes my greatest intentions get sidelined, so I found paper a little fancier than binder paper, and started writing. I had two pieces and filled them both.

My surprise about a handwritten letter would not have been the case not so many years ago. However, we know in the world we live it today, email, text messages, and social media is quick, easy, and grammar and punctuation are inconsequential. A quick Google search showed many kids have never received a personal letter, delivered via the postal service (I believe it). While for adults, receiving a handwritten letter happens less than six times per year (that even seems high to me).

My friend was delighted also, to receive my correspondence, and that too made my day. Simple. Simple. Sending and receiving a handwritten letter added a little sunshine to my world. Thanks Clair!

Included in this letter was a quote. “Help keep the art of writing by hand alive.” Wondering if you can help. Can you brighten someone’s day with a letter?

Slainte! Susan




Friends are Sunshine

If you skimmed ahead and saw running  pictures, and you’re thinking as your finger is hovering over the delete key, “I don’t run.” Keep reading…

Three weeks ago, our team crossed a finish line after completing a marathon, 26.2 miles. During our training, we ran over 400 miles together, think Modesto to San Diego, or 844,000 steps. That’s a long time to spend with sweaty people breathing harder than usual. Imagine the ties that develop over this time.

This morning, one of teammates needed to run 10 miles as part of her training. With one email earlier in the week announcing this fact, quite a group showed. Ten rainy miles to help support Jen’s goal. No grumblings about the rain, getting up early, or lack of coffee. Just support. Others would have been here but had prior commitments.


I can tell you with complete certainty, ten miles would not have have happened for me without these friends! It never occurred to me to not go. I actually enjoyed the rain. I had some interesting conversations with these dedicated runners. I am better for it.

This is more about the power of friendships than running, and how we are truly blessed to have some remarkable people in our lives to support and to be supported by! I am not part of a large family, and maybe that makes me more aware of the many times friends have added sunshine to my world.

I’ll bet your world is brighter with some pretty amazing people who support you, always! Furthermore, undoubtly you bring sunshine to many others too.

Slainte! Susan

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Update on My Little Free Library

I attended our monthly neighborhood association meeting last week. These are fine people who make our neighborhood safer, friendlier, and well, more neighborly. They welcomed my Little Free Library idea whole-heartedly, and voted for having two! One at a time though. I garnered support, and we are on our way to “Taking a book and leaving a book.” Another ray of sunshine. More to come as we progress.