Bored? No Way!

Please remove this word from the dictionary!


Over 1 million English words exist. An exact count is unfathomable. The Oxford English Dictionary makes dictionary updates four times per year. In June of 2015, five-hundred words were added or updated. And, some words are deleted because they just become obsolete.

Words come and go. As a lover of words and the English language, I look forward to the “word of the year” announcement.  Previous year’s words: podcast (’05), locavore (’07), unfriend (’09) and selfie (’13). Other additions you likely use are emoji, leggings, and upcycle. And, when words just don’t get used any longer, they are removed from future print dictionaries.  Brabble (a noisy quarrel) and growlery (a private room to growl in-perhaps a modern day “man cave”) will no longer be printed in some paper dictionaries.

My proposal is to remove “bored” from all dictionaries. In a world filled with topics to learn about, places to visit, new hobbies to learn or revisit, volunteer opportunities, curiosities to satisfy, books to devour, letters to write, research to  conduct, exercise to be done, and even chores that when completed will give you a huge sense of satisfaction–how can people be bored?

Make a list of what you’d like to know more about. Start researching; what are you waiting for? I’m old enough to remember life without the internet! The internet is free and fascinating information is out there, to be discovered by you. Great Courses offers numerous, reasonable topics of interest that you can learn about in your own home. Be inspired with TED talks. (Two of my favorites are here and here.)  You know those local places you’ve been meaning to visit?  Go there.  We have a few historic local places in my area, and I’m sure you do too! Our community college offers low cost, non-traditional short classes (one to four evenings)- think various types of cooking, jam or bread making, fly fishing, music, computers, and more.

To be absolutely clear, I am not suggesting for a second that you don’t rest your mind and body.  Rest and definitely sleep are some of the most important aspects of healthy living.  And, if your schedule is already packed to the brim, see the previous sentence. Not every minute of the day must be filled with an activity. I’ve read that a happy mind is a busy mind, and yet know that a happy mind is a rested mind too.

Just lately I’ve been hearing the “I’m bored” phrase more often than not. My mother’s line, “If you’re bored, it’s your fault.”

Okay, I’m not powerful enough to have this word officially removed from dictionaries, print or online, but can I encourage you to remove it from yours and others?

Slainte! Susan

In other news…

  • Drinking water from my Mason jars is refreshing. While I’m sure you join me as I yearn for cooler weather, this hot spell has called for extra hydration.  The glass jars get really cold in the fridge and stays cold for a while after removed.
  • I dusted my piano this morning.  And, I’m happy to report that I did play twice last week!
  • Four people at my workplace ordered adult coloring books! Today on Amazon, adult coloring books hold the number 4, 6, and 10 best seller spots.
  • My recent fascination is with all things Scotland!
  • I’m improving on my new bike.

4 thoughts on “Bored? No Way!

  1. I agree with your mother in that “if you’re bored, it’s your own fault”. Too many parents today believe they must fill their day entertaining and scheduling events and activities for their children when they should be encouraging their children to develop their own sense of self and creative thinking. Downtime is as important for children as it is for adults.


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