88 Keys

I walk by it numerous times in a day. Dust it weekly-all 88 keys.  I sit down to play my piano…occasionally.

You know when those waves hit, there are numerous ways to refresh.  Exercise is one way to overcome a wave.  We know exercise produces endorphins, and endorphins produce positive feelings.  A brisk walk, run, or a jaunt on my new bike is a sure way to help me reframe my thoughts.

Playing my piano is another. Researchers know that playing a musical instrument can improve physical and emotional health. I read about a high powered business exec who spends a few minutes relaxing in her toddler’s playroom making music with a toy piano! I don’t know that any of you would do that, but hey! You never know. If you don’t want to bang on toy tambourines and kid-sized pianos, listening to music can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress hormones. Turn off your TV and select some relaxing music. 

I don’t recall how old I was when piano lessons started or how many years I went.  Nor, do I know how my folks fit Mrs. Blakey’s weekly fee into their already tight budget. Mrs. Blakely was my kind and elegant music teacher. What I most remember is that the color of pen she used corresponded with her outfit. Orange shirt, orange felt-tip pen. Purple dress, purple pen.  My recollections don’t include despising lessons, but I didn’t look forward to them either. As a pre-teen I would have considered the whole piano practicing a “wave” in my life. Talking on the phone with friends was a priority. (That along with call waiting was our “social media” for the day.)

Many years later, I am grateful that my folks “made me” endure those weekly lessons and “nagged” me to practice! I am happy to report that I still play today, even if only occasionally. Playing is always restorative. I am grateful for these things: 1. My folks “encouragement” of these lessons. 2. Another way to effectively reframe my attitude!

This entry is two-fold. 1. Did you have something you disliked as a child, but are grateful for as an adult?  2.  What works for you when you come up against a wave?

Knowing how to play the piano is a ray of sunshine, and no longer a wave for me!

Slainte! Susan

P.S. Confession: Sometimes I dust my piano more often than I play it.  Something to work on!


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