Sunshine on Two Wheels

My first one had sparkly tassels. It was baby blue. The seat was white. I may have a recollection of the training wheels being removed, but I’m not quite sure. Most of us surely have memories of our first bike. With that first bike came more rules-don’t ride near cars, don’t leave it in the front yard, don’t ride further than so and so’s house, and take care of it. “Susie, I’m not buying you another if it’s stolen.”  Gosh, I can still hear my mom and dad’s voice. Funny though, I don’t recall helmets being worn that many years ago.  With my bike came freedom a little kid never had. I could get places faster, and this was huge, independently!

Several years ago when I was searching for ways to be active regularly, I turned to running.  But, I’ve longed for a bike for a while. Living near a park with miles of paved and dirt trails, there has been no better time to try cycling.

A dear friend Jen and her husband Darrel are avid cyclists. On a Friday several weeks ago, I mentioned my cycling wish. That night Darrel found the perfect bike for me. I ordered it, and yesterday Jen and Darrel trekked to another city to help me pick it up and show me the immediate necessary accessories (and ones to consider later). Darrel did special tire functions (I couldn’t tell you exactly what, but he said they are important), adjusted the seat and my helmet, made sure I could get on and off safely, then brought me home with my new white and neon green bike (no sparkly tassels).  Today both of these lovely friends met me in the park for my first official ride.

There are still rules, and that’s ok. I’ll definitely be able to get places faster than walking or running. I’m excited to have yet another way to be active! Variety is the spice of life, and novelty is motivating.  I have more to learn about cycling, and practice will boost my confidence.  And, I’m again so graciously reminded about how special and powerful friendship is in our lives.


Just wondering…is there any new healthy activity you’ve thought about trying? I’ll bet you have friends willing to help, or you’re sure to meet new ones when you start.

My new bike is like sunshine on two wheels!

Slainte! Susan

In other news…

As of right now, coloring books for adults hold three of the top ten best seller spots on Amazon. Click here to see for yourself.  (Best sellers are updated hourly, and I didn’t know that either.)


5 thoughts on “Sunshine on Two Wheels

  1. Hooray for you and your new bike! New activity? Yes, I’m taking a water aerobics class at MJC twice a week for five weeks. After that, I begin a beginning Yoga class once a week for 8 weeks. I’ve been walking 5 days a week and want to get on my bike. Today’s cooler weather was a perfect day for bike riding! Variety is the spice to exercise, I believe; otherwise it becomes too automatic, too routine, creating boredom! That was one of the reasons I loved dancing hula! It was always a challenge and I loved the music and the women that danced with me!


  2. I was really hoping you’d share your water aerobics since it goes right along with today’s thoughts! Excited for you, your walking, water activity, and upcoming yoga. Are you still doing hula?


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