Waves with Daily Goals

Everyday I start with the best intentions. I will drink enough water. I will be a role model for optimism. I will under react (one of my lifelines and so very important now that I’m learning all about my new students). I will make healthy food choices. Then these goals become waves because sometimes I just forget or make a different choice.

My day starts and it sometimes seems I hardly stop long enough to sit down for a few minutes. Last week, I developed a new habit of trying to eat my lunch while returning emails and grading papers. I know better! No more of that!

I will allow a little technology to assist me with opening my day on a peaceful note.  today's focus

It’s as simple as setting a 7:01 AM alarm on my phone. This is the time I arrive at work and have yet to start scurrying around. When the alarm (titled Today’s Focus) goes off, it’s my gentle reminder to sit down and peacefully consider the day’s schedule. This is the time I will focus on the basics such as under reacting, water consumption, or any other goals I want to work on for the day.

It’s such a simple idea. I’ve used it before, then totally forgot about it when another school year started.  (You may also see a 3:02 PM alarm about a Smart Board-that’s to remind me to turn it off before I leave for the day! I tell you, I seem to be forgetful these days.)

I’m back at it, another way to have a restorative moment, before a busy day begins.  I am considering setting another alarm for lunch time as a self check-in to reflect on the morning’s success or to regroup if necessary.

How can you ensure success with your daily goals?

In other news…

Last week was successful in a couple of ways. I prepared my breakfast before I went to bed. I’ve been enjoying refrigerator oatmeal. Pinterest has tons of ideas. Click here.  This has been a huge time saver, and it’s delicious, healthy, and so easy.

Another evening ritual-decide what to wear the next day.  I have enjoyed not having to stand in the closet to contemplate the day’s attire. (Someday I hope to plan for a whole week, but not there yet!).

These two simple ideas gave me at least 20 extra morning minutes. And, that ‘extra’ time will help me with my “7:01 AM today’s goal” conversation.

Slainte! Susan


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