Love you

This will most likely be challenging. So, be warned!

I had quite a conversation with myself this morning. It all started with the blow dryer! My hair is naturally curly and frizzy, maybe more frizzy than curly. I spend a few days each week with my straightening weapons: blow dryer, anti-frizz products, a flat iron, and a big round brush.  This morning I was really (I mean really) wishing my hair was naturally straight because the straightening process is about 30 minutes.  This led to further thoughts about other parts of me I’d like to change–shed a few pounds, have thinner thighs, have more self-control with desserts, develop a joy for cooking (or at least a like for it), and the list went on.

I’m really working on my positivity and gratitude.  So, I turned the question around.  And, here’s where the challenge comes in.  I pondered what I like about myself. What do I love about me? I fought the idea of this conversation for a while.

love you

My thinking went in the wrong direction, so I reeled my thoughts back in. I realized I wasn’t looking for things like this: I love the great deal I found on a new pair of shoes.

Try again! It was easy to love “things” but way more of a challenge to find attributes about myself to appreciate.  I decided at least ONE had to be about my actual appearance, and then I’d be more lenient with the others.

And, here they are… I love and or appreciate:

  • my height (At 5’3″ I’ve never wished to be taller.)
  • my penmanship (or whatever you’d call it–it’s evolved over the years)
  • my love of learning – professionally and personally

There it is! It took quite a while to create the list. It’s was so much easier to come up with what I wanted to change. But, being able to write down the positive attributes felt great.

Will you consider the challenge?  What do you love about you?

Slanite! Susan


6 thoughts on “Love you

  1. Well, like you i really dislike my hair, but after reading your post I was trying to think of things that I do love about myself. I think I love that I am a good friend to those in my circle. I love that I have a sense of adventure that is tinged with caution, I love that I am willing to try anything once…it is sad that most of us can think of more things we dislike about ourselves than things we love. Just like drinking more water, I guess this is a work in progress.


  2. This is a challenge, Susan, and one we all need! Why do we get so hung up on our negatives which blind us to our positives! I believe I am a good friend; especially to those in need! I am a good neighbor also. This past winter I made soup several times for my next door neighbor who is fighting breast cancer. I participated in Pay It Forward 2015 and spent several days working in a friend’s front yard (filled her green can about 4 times). I try to maintain friendships with get togethers. As far as my body? Well, I have a good heart!


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