Water Works

How do you manage to drink enough water each day? 


Try as I might, I would rather drink just about any other beverage than water.  I’ve tried many “tricks” over the years…water infused with herbs, fruit, vegetables, carried a huge container like an extra appendage on my body, purchased pretty bottles, even tried drinking it from wine glasses throughout the day!

My latest water-drinking method involves plain ol’ Mason jars.  There’s a little nostalgia for me here since my mother and grandmother canned lugs and lugs of fruit every summer. (Sadly, we begged for canned fruit purchased from the store. Silly, silly kids!)

Each morning I fill my jars with water, put them in the fridge, and the goal is to have consumed all by the day’s end. I know humans are motivated by novelty, and this may not appeal to me next month or next year. For now, I’m riding the water- in Mason jar- wave!  If you’re like me and struggle to get your daily water intake, share your tricks please.


Optional reading

Just how much water do you need in a day?  Read on only if you don’t mind a little frustration! Otherwise, go fill your ol’ Mason jars, and enjoy some nostalgia right in your fridge.

I searched numerous places to learn exactly how many ounces of water I need in my Mason jars.  The research is not clear. We’ve all heard the rule of eight, eight ounce glasses of water daily.  This idea from the Food & Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences dates back to 1945 (70 years ago) and is easy to remember, but no research backs up the 64 ounce recommendation.

Some recommendations:

The Mayo Clinic– 13 c. for men / 9 c. for women

WebMD-15 c. for men / 11 c. for women

Many factors such as your activity level, climate, and health status of course affect your water intake needs.  Furthermore, food provides 20% of water intake, and many fruits and vegetables are 90% or more water by weight! Liquids such as juice and coffee technically count toward your daily intake too. (Some disagree!)

There is no one-size-fits all for adequate water intake. It gets really complicated, and the more I read, I realized this-I feel better when I drink enough water. My body needs it, and I’ll  sip water all day long, from my jars of course.  Water works! I am putting the complication aside.

If you need specific water intake numbers, it seems your doctor or a registered dietician can help.  I didn’t mean to compound the water situation!


One thought on “Water Works

  1. I have also heard many renditions of the magic number of ounces needed to remain healthy. For dogs, they are supposed to take in as many ounces as pounds they weigh. My 28 pound Cocker should therefore drink 28 ounces of water. Now, transposing that to humans–I don’t think so! And if you do the dog years/human years conversion, I think we come up pretty short. Someone who weighs 140 pounds only needs 20 ounces of water? No. All I know for sure is that if I drink too little water for the day, I wake up with a raging headache. I’d rather drink the water!


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