Simply Being…

chicken 1

As I prepare to write today, it just occurred to me that this story follows my chicken in a Crock Pot post! Have you tried the recipe yet? And speaking of whole chickens, I recently learned that Costco’s rotisserie chickens have their own FaceBook page. Sure enough, I verified it, and they have 6078 followers! These two back to back chicken posts are totally unrelated, I promise. My timing is not perfect, I know.  Every living item has its purpose. I’m just going to leave it at that for now. Moving on!

As I bid another summer vacation farewell and get ready for 30 new sixth grade recruits, my mind seems to be holding onto some of my recent restorative moments. We all need a way to transport ourselves to a place or time where we were relaxed, unhurried, peaceful, and calm. These restorative moments may be a quick 20 second break during a hectic morning, or maybe an hour at the end of a long day (what a luxury).

I have several “videos” in my head of some recent restorative moments, and I plan to take myself back mentally when I need to regroup. They are quick ones and are ready to be called up at a moments notice!

The chicken in this photo is one of five I met at a little cottage near Pt. Reyes.  The cottage keepers left a tub of food out for guests and encouraged us to feed the chickens.  I’m a city girl and don’t know the first piece of information about chickens, hens, roosters, etc.  I do know when I lifted the lid on the chicken feed, these guys came running. They had such personalities, and it was such fun being entertained by them.

Later on I realized while the chicken show was occurring, my mind was not going a hundred miles an hour. I wasn’t thinking about chores, grocery shopping, grading papers, or any of the other numerous tasks that cross my mind in a day. I was simply being

I have other restorative moments, and somehow they seem to revolve around some other feathered friends.  I feed the hummingbirds and finches in the backyard. It’s such a joy to watch the feeding frenzy. Sometimes they don’t stay long, but watching them is always a quick restorative moment.

My goal for myself and my hope for you is to have some of these simple restorative moments in mind and to be able to quickly be transported to one of them, even if just momentarily, throughout your day.

Do you have any of your own restorative moments to share?

Here’s to moments of simply being during the midst of our busy days.

Slainte! Susan


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