Sunshine without Scones!

Recently, after some loved celebrations and extra delightful treats, I committed to healthful food choices this week. Then Panera opened. Since I’m drawn to any new place in town I had to check it out.

I made a major commitment on the way–latte only! The treat is getting to see a new place, check out the menu (for later), and enjoy a restorative moment with a latte.

I walked in to find many, many delicious looking pastries, especially scones.  While in Ireland, I found luxury in enjoying tea and scones-almost daily (really, almost daily!).  When I saw three different kinds of scones, immediately I reminisced about the daily tea and scone ritual. Prior to the Irish holiday, I was never interested in scones. Now, they are such a fond memory.

Lots of self-talking was occurring, “Just order the coffee. You committed to just coffee. You’re eating well this week. Didn’t you have enough scones in Ireland for the next two years?”  I was born with quite the sweet tooth, and I fight this urge frequently.

I ordered only the latte, even when the friendly lady at the cash register asked twice if I wanted anything else. While waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting some more for my latte, a manager finally inquired about my order. She explained how sorry she is that the machine is not working.  I had waited for what seemed like a long time, but having past retail experience, I was patient.

This manager seemed so relieved when I under reacted (one of my Life Lines), and offered a drink alternative, PLUS anything I wanted from the pastry counter. NO!!  I had just made a clean break from the scones!  She was insistent that I select something for my trouble. After turning her down several times, she offered me a fruit cup (maybe noting I had my workout clothes on).  I didn’t want that either, so she kindly gave me a regular cup of coffee and returned all of my money with another sincere apology.

Why then is this “sunshine” in my life? I could have had any item for free, and boy did I want the biggest scone in that glass case!  But, I did it. I walked in for a latte, and while I did not get the drink of choice, I also didn’t get the scone!

I will return to Panera. Their latte machine will work. I’m sure at some point I’ll enjoy a scone and reminisce about the Emerald Isle, but today I won! It’s less about the scone, and more that I had enough strength to stay true to a commitment I made to myself.  That is definitely lots of sunshine!

Slanite! Susan


5 thoughts on “Sunshine without Scones!

  1. I’m looking forward to Panera’s sandwiches and salads! I’m so glad we finally have a Panera Bread restaurant. I’m also proud of you for holding to your convictions!


  2. When the weather cools and I am brave enough to turn on the oven, I will bake you scones..complete with cream and jam. You, my dear, will need to bring the tea.


    1. Tea and scones with my Irish traveling friend…that’s a thought to get me through a long day with 30 brand new 6th graders! Can’t wait! Where does one purchase the type of cream we so enjoyed during our holiday? While in Pt. Reyes, a store had English cream for sale, but I can’t recall the exact name.


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