The Luxury of Time

luxury of timeWe are camping this weekend, and if you know me, you know that this activity has never been a favorite! It’s a compromise (Camping is restorative for Vince.)  As such, it became my sincere desire to have it be more than just a compromise. My goal: How can I actually really enjoy these times away in our “home away from home,” our cozy trailer?

A realization: These days away from regular home are a luxury…a luxury of time. There is nothing but time here. At the camp site, once set-up, the goal is to stay put. The car shouldn’t have to move. We are self-contained in our humble abode on wheels, with many of the amenities of home.  But because we are not home, there are no chores. I can’t do laundry from the campsite, nor can I shop for groceries,mop the floor, dust, pull weeds, and the list goes on!

When preparing to camp, I pack all the items and activities I enjoy: books, journals, coloring book, coffee, wine, and such. I have the luxury of time and none of the preoccupation of what I should be doing if I were home.

To have a weekend to read, write, run, nap, enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of white wine near the lake is truly a gift, one that I greatly appreciate.  Camping is no longer a compromise. Camping is a gift of time. What a luxury!

I’m just wondering if you’ve ever had the opportunity to turn something you perhaps didn’t enjoy at one time into a ray of sunshine.

Slanite! Susan


2 thoughts on “The Luxury of Time

  1. Good way of thinking! I did not camp when I was small so it was difficult for me at first. I enjoy it now and hope to do it more soon.


  2. I am very happy that you are “learning” to enjoy your camping experience. Compromise in a relationship is so very important and if you can actually begin enjoying your time together in such a way you have opened a beautiful door.


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