Life Lines: How I Want to Live

Last summer I read the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I took away many useful ideas, so this summer, I’m rereading it. I rarely read a book twice!  Rubin created her “12 Commandments.” In general, the commandments are “rules of thumb” or something engrained in a person to help make all kinds of life decisions (small or grand).  I wanted to create my own, but didn’t want to call them commandments. After consulting with a dear friend, Karen, the title was decided: Life Lines. (Thanks Karen!)

It took a while. I mean, how could I sum up the way I want to live and make decisions with what seemed like a simple list? Did my list need 12 items? What if I needed more-was that wrong? What if I needed fewer-was my life too shallow?

Because the only way to finish is to start, I did both. Started, then finished my personal Life Lines.  I refine them periodically, but can’t ever foresee a total makeover.

My Life Lines (in no particular order)

  • Homemade-usually better than store bought (applies to most items-gifts, food, etc.)
  • Splurge without guilt-food, finances, and time
  • Eat well mostly, (but see “splurge” above)
  • Be active-for energy and especially for health
  • Quality-choose quality (food and other purchases) because it’s worth it! (Local is better when possible.)
  • Under react 
  • Disappointment– I will experience it, try hard not to let it get me down. People don’t generally mean to or want to disappoint, they just do.
  • Home-make it a destination I love
  • Sometimes it’s best to say nothing
  • Peace-find time, people, and activities that cultivate peacefulness in me

I came up with ten, for no specific reason other than these ten seem to work for me. Of the ten, some are things I’ve already been doing, while others I need to practice.  Believe it or not, I do refer to this list (mentally of course) at times of decision making. My splurging guilt free Life Line recently aided me during my birthday celebrations and week of eating. My homemade Life Line rings loudly each time I attempt to purchase a greeting card. (I have a myriad of beautiful craft making supplies at home.) And, I probably call up the be active Life Line the most, especially when I think I’d rather skip a run or cancel a workout.  Grrrr!  Sometimes I can even blame a decision on my Life Lines like when I spend more at the grocery store on wholesome food. I never thought I’d spend $10 on a bag of chia seeds for my morning oatmeal!

Do you have any Life Lines you use in your own life. Maybe they are not written down….yet!


3 thoughts on “Life Lines: How I Want to Live

  1. Splurge without guilt needs to include some reference to “lame-ass sugar cookies”. Like “splurge, but make it memorable” or something in that order.


  2. I wish there was a really effective and not hurtful way to rid your life of those people and things that do NOT contribute to peacefulness!

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