Lobster Fries, Pancakes, and a Chocolate Panini!

Those waves…sometimes we expect them, and they lap gently at the shore. And, sometimes they crash down.

waves defined: any event or circumstance that is outside of your daily life schedule or routine, can be positive or otherwise and requires your focus and attention in a small, medium, or large dose.

Today’s post is about a gentle wave.

Even happy occasions can be a wave. You know I just blew out a large number of candles on my birthday cake, right? Blessed with caring friends, I so enjoyed several celebrations! Did I ever enjoy some lovely food and beverage with people I love! In the midst of what turned into a week long celebration, I also ended up at the state fair where lobster fries (as seen on the Food Network) just so happened to be right under my nose! Other delicious foods I enjoyed during my week of celebrating:  a plateful of pancakes with Liz and Jen, a chocolate panini with Karen, scallops and prawns with Clair, and the largest turkey wing I’ve ever seen, and a decadent chocolate dessert with Vince.

I cherished every minute and relished every bite. Why then do I consider this a wave? It was out of my usual routine and requires some attention on my part, and now I need to settle back into some healthy eating habits! You won’t hear me grumbling about the calories or few gained pounds. I splurge with no regrets. (More on this soon.) Blessed with people who care for me is one of my greatest pleasures.

And, now onto focus on this small wave with shopping list in hand, full of healthy items.  (Still fondly reminiscing about last week’s food!)


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