Lessons from Making Soup

Whether you believe that it takes 21 days to build a habit or not, my soup making has reached day 21. No! I have not made soup for 21 days, but I have made a homemade pot of it, for 3 weeks, and that IS 21 days.I tried to research the 21 days to a habit, and of course the research is overwhelming. Never mind the research.

The cool weather and rainy day seems like the perfect time to enjoy the delightful aromas that drift throughout the house when soup is simmering on the stove. But, this isn’t really about soup concoctions. It’s about “life concoctions.” I’m not a cook. That has been established. But, now that I’m temporarily enjoying the process of soup making, I’m learning I can substitute this for that–broth when it calls for water, more oregano when I don’t have thyme, chicken breast not ground beef, table salt when I forgot sea salt, and dried basil when I couldn’t find fresh. (Real chefs are probably cringing here!)

At any rate, as I’m mixing up today’s soup (to be served Tuesday night after my running workout), a thought, and I suppose it’s a well-worn one, came to mind.  Life is kind much like my attempts at cooking. The “recipe” rarely goes as planned. The “ingredients” were unexpected.  I may have “under or overcooked” it. And, in the end-it was just fine. Some times the “recipes” turn out better than others. Rarely do we have to discard the entire meal, we work with what we have.  We file those recipes that went well–these are keepers. We delete those we don’t care to try again.

I do believe I learn from every experience. I file it away in my memory, always thinking of what I might refine for next time, just like my recent soup making escapades.

Add a little of this and that. Remove some of that. Keep doing this.  And, always with kindly and gently!

Slainte!  Susan

P.S.  Today’s recipe Pasta Fagiloli. Click here for the recipe.  I didn’t have all the spices. I used extra of what I had, doubled the meat using ground turkey instead of ground beef. It’s already delicious. Imagine what a delightful dinner this will be in a couple days.

Last week’s soup was super too.  Hearty Vegetable soup. Click here for the recipe.  I added lots of chicken breast.

Finally, this really is NOT a cooking blog.  Though it’s fun to discover a new recipe every now and again all while I’m embracing the lessons I’m learning along the way!


One thought on “Lessons from Making Soup

  1. You ARE learning to cook (chefs are fancy). Learning how to substitute, leave out, add more is what makes it more fun. I have made 2 soups already and 1 stew this fall season. Soups are so nutritious and pair well with bread, crackers, sandwich, salad, or just all by its delicious self. I know you can find millions of soup recipes on line, but IF the Book Man happens to have Taste of Home Big Book of Soup, get it! It is a great cookbook. Well-laid out, pictures, and tons of choices. I have tried several new soups from this book and they’ve all turned out fantastic! I left magazines at school for you and the recipe for “making your own chicken broth”…Again, it’s easy and delicious!


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