Sunshine in a Cup of Tea

I’ve always enjoyed tea, but when I started going to college, everybody I encountered drank coffee by the gallon. I didn’t like coffee as an 18 year old, but decided I was missing out. So, at first, I forced myself to drink the stuff. After all, I wanted to be a part of the college scene. Later I came to enjoy it, and even later (and definitely now), I can’t live without it. My mornings look something like this: alarm rings, one eye pops open, one hand turns off the alarm, one already active mind thinks only of coffee, two feet hit the ground, and before I know it, the hot steamy cup of java is in hand.

Last summer in Ireland, I was reminded of how much I do love tea. I gave up coffee for our Irish holiday.  Tea with a full Irish breakfast, tea and scones mid-day, and tea after dinner (with dessert, of course).  It was fun to see how each place served it a little differently, some in a dainty cup, and always with cream and sugar. Yum!


How quickly I became my “American Self” after the holiday sadly ended.  But with the cooler evenings, I’ve been again enjoying tea–this time in the evening curled up with a book and sometimes a purring cat. It’s so interesting how I now associate tea with my Irish holiday and how cozy it makes me feel. The cherished holiday memories come flooding back.

The Irish are known for their hospitality. We learned the Irish are very quick to offer a cup of tea or coffee as you enter their home. And further learned of a saying that when you visit someone, “one arm should be longer than the other.” Translated for my benefit: You never go to a person’s home empty handed. You should have a baked good, jar of jam, or some other delicious treat in hand ready to give.

When I think of living simply and gently, having a cup of tea in hand on the cool evenings has to rank right up there with one of highlights of my day.  The warm cup, the scent of whatever tea is brewing, and the holiday memories are the little rays of sunshine I need. How about you…is there any simple item, easily attained, that brings warm cozy feelings?

How about a cuppa?

Slainte! Susan

In other news…

When searching Irish and their love of tea, I learned they are in the top five list of tea drinkers per capita. It varied by website, but definitely in the top five, and not grouped in with the UK. Interested? See it here.

Last week’s sweet potato soup was excellent. Perfect on a fall night.  Missed the recipe?  See it here.

Tonight I’ve another pot of soup on the stove. Since it’s a new recipe, I can’t endorse it just yet.  Curious?  The vegetable soup recipe I’m using is here. Again, I’m planning ahead. It’s for Tuesday evening. We will appreciate it after a long day.

Later, I’ll mention the new series of books I’m hooked on…the setting: Ireland. So sweet and heartwarming. Perfect with tea! (The Irish County Doctor series)


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