Little Library Open for Business


Creations take time, energy, and resources. Our neighborhood has all of that and more! Many creative minds and hands were involved. Alas, our Little Free Library is open. This project embodies the true spirit of a neighborhood. Many neighbors* stepped up to share their expertise and talents: two builders, one artist, one steel company, one powder coating company, one installer, and tons of supporters. Step-by-step and with no Little Library experience, we made it happen.

I will share La Loma’s Little Library happenings with you along the way!  A few thoughts since we’ve opened: I’ve met so many neighbors. I mean, actually talked with people, not just the neighborly, obligatory, wave. I know their names. I know their dogs’ names, too. Kids books go quickly. One day I met a three year old girl and her grandfather sitting on the curb, reading. My heart was full. Seeing books come and go is gratifying. Books I predict will be gone quickly, don’t move, and vice versa.  I am more connected to my neighbors who are committed to making positive changes in our neighborhood and community. I now belong to “Little Free Library Stewards” and have received welcomes from across the United States and Canada. What an encouraging group of “librarians” out there supporting each other.

Our library brings me back to the love of reading my mom fostered when I was growing up. Trips to the library and occasionally the book store are warm memories. I know she’s smiling down. And, if she were here, I can only imagine she’d find a way to shower our Little Library with books often.

Some of the stats show adults don’t read much, whether in print or electronically. Me, I can’t imagine a life without reading. So, from this day forward, instead of asking people the same ol’, same ol’ “How are you?” I want to ask, “What are you reading?”

Come on by! Take a book! Leave a book!



*Shout out to the Little Free Library team: Ceres Metal and Pipe (Doug Highiet), ColorCoat Powder Coating (Norman Van Spronsen), Lola Bell Art Studios (artist Bill Russell), John Frailing and Billie (builders), Ross Redding (installer), Deborah Steinberg (La Loma Neighborhood Association president), the Murphy Family (book donation box creators), and so many others.


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