Say no, guilt-free


In two weeks, two dear friends have told me no. It’s gratifying to have special people in my life who realize the importance of taking care of themselves, even if it means having to turn me down. Sometimes it seems there are not any new ideas. It’s just some ideas get recycled to meet new needs or new situations. The idea that we should not feel guilty when we say no, isn’t new. Yet, why do so many of us (myself included), feel badly when we have to decline?  It can be downright difficult to say no.

Both of my no-saying friends, were quick to give explanations for their denial of my request. I hope I was quick enough to let them know they didn’t need to explain. I think I even told one friend that if I was in front of her, I might have slapped her for feeling like she had to give me her rationale. (You know I’d never slap anyone!!)

In reality, I felt so proud both times, pleased that these confidants were able to say no! What a skill to have. Our time is so important. Whether we are doing something we love, reading, napping, cooking, cleaning, gardening, taking care of family, it is all important. It all matters. Can you do it, say no, without guilt? Or, does it wear on you all day?

I know, I know. We have heard this before, and maybe today you needed to be reminded that it’s just fine to decline an invitation or say no to a request, without a lengthy explanation, guilt-free. Take care of you!

Slainte! Susan


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