Tread Softly


We are well into another year! Surely you have goals, aspirations, and dreams for the next 11ish months. Consider the wise words from an Irish poet, W.B. Yeats.

I have spread my dreams under your feet tread softly because you tread on my dreams. 

Hang on tightly to your supporters- those people who celebrate your tomorrows, hopes, dreams, and ideas as wild as they may seem!

A few of my personal aspirations for the year: Continue my one marathon-a-year streak, pursue writing classes for myself (finally for me, not my students!), spend more time reading and less time on social media (even Pinterest), visit a new country (or two or three), worry less, and be me!

Interestingly enough, people in my life have had something negative to say about each of these. Marathons are bad for your knees….don’t people die? Watching TV is easier than reading…Pinterest is educational…Why spend hard earned money traveling abroad?

When such remarks are made, I remember to cherish the many supporters in my life who encourage even my smallest plans!  Remembering Yeats helps too!

Cheers to you and whatever wild ideas you have for 2016. May you fill your days with those who support you vigorously!

Slainte!  Susan


Optional Reading!

It was one of those memorable days…While on the Emerald Isle, one of my dear travel partners was fascinated by old grave sites. We visited at a few. She had specifically mentioned finding Yeats’ gravesite. We truly stumbled upon the road sign for his grave. Because we were not watching for the sign, our driver had to make quite a sudden turn as to not miss the exit. Driving on the opposite side of the road didn’t help with any suddenness related to the wee car!  We meandered through the grounds and through an old church (most churches are old here). We learned of his above mentioned poem and other tidbits of information on our self-guided tour. Admittedly, I knew little about Yeats prior to the almost missed turn into his burial site. After we left, we found our way to our resting place for the night-Foxford, a quaint fishing village. The B&B hosts could not have been more hospitable during our stay. After fine meal, we relaxed in their parlor, and enjoyed freshly French pressed coffee and just made banana bread. We researched Yeats and shared our new found information with one another. I have this quote in my nest (aka office), and it takes me back to one of the highlights of our Irish holiday! Our brief stay in Foxford is a cherished memory, and I’m so pleased Yeats was a part of it!


3 thoughts on “Tread Softly

  1. My Marietta Girls put out an 8-week challenge that began Jan. 4. We each chose 3 goals for the 8 weeks and on Mondays we report in to the “Chief” with a +1,2,or 3. We stated our goals at the beginning of the challenge. My 3 goals were to increase my attendance at the Yoga Center from 1 session to 3, write a personal note/letter to someone each week, and complete 4 pages of my RE scrapbooks per week. I was just telling Bill how I need to be held accountable to someone (other than myself, apparently) because I am scoring +3 each week so far.
    I like the fact that we are working on a short term basis. After 8 weeks of doing this, hopefully, I will have developed positive habits and will continue without the need to check in. I have completed more than 4 pages of the scrapbook each week so far which I knew I would once I sat down to work. I really want to finish the RE books so I can move on to other projects and with this goal before me, I believe I will get it done. In addition, I’m starting a “morning sewing” class on Monday mornings. I’m looking forward to relearning how to sew. I have sewing projects I’d like to do (in the future) but need to brush up on those skills and gain more confidence in that area so there’s another goal.


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