Restore yourself-Even just briefly

Another day with an ever-growing list of “things to do.” Yesterday’s list is not completed, nor are many of the previous day’s.

It’s an unusually cool morning here in California, quite a welcome cooler temperature accompanied by unusual gray skies and a bit of rain. Ahhhh, what a relief after numerous days where the temps soared over 100 degrees (F).

Do we have this in common? You leave your bed, your feet hit the ground, then like a machine your wheels start turning as you generate your plan for the day, your plan to get your to-do list completed, knowing full well you have more items to add. (The list is never-ending!)

Indeed, days are busy regardless of how and where you spend each one. It’s just how we are, wanting to be accomplished, with our family, jobs, and well, everything!

Back to my underlying message, to take care of others, you too must be well. Feed your soul with restorative moments throughout each day. Restorative moments can be on a grand scale such as a trip to the Hawaii or a day at the spa. These are not typical for most of us though! Perhaps more importantly, restorative moments can be little hidden gems that you notice throughout the day. A moment that makes you stop, even briefly to appreciate something beautiful or peaceful in the midst of a normal, busy day. It can be a sound, scent, sight, or feeling.

  • Did you savor that first sip of coffee this morning in your favorite mug?
  • Appreciate the peacefulness of the morning before the hustle and bustle begins?
  • Smell the few drops of rain on the ground?
  • Enjoy that you had to put on a light jacket-on a July morning in California?
  • Notice the only blooming gardenia in the garden, then reminisce that it was your mother’s favorite flower?
  • Listen to the birds flutter outside the window?
  • Experience a bit of joy as you walk into your clean kitchen this morning, ever so grateful you washed last night’s dishes?

Every day brings opportunity for restorative moments. Why don’t you look for them today? Even better, jot down a few this evening!

I’d love to know what you consider restorative moments!

Slainte! Susan


One thought on “Restore yourself-Even just briefly

  1. You know you’re in trouble when one of the items on your list of things to do is to create two more lists to help you manage your lists!
    My newest restorative is one that has been available forever, but it was one I used to ignore as being too easy. Turn off your electronic devices, make sure your dog is not on guard duty so she can’t scare the life out of you with no warning, and Be still, and know that He is God.


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